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The following groups form 3-4 times yearly, in January, April, July and October for 10 to 13 weeks.


This is for the individual who is dealing with painful issues and grief due to loss of a relationship. Significant healing begins in this group. There is a lot of bonding in First Group and it is here that you may meet and make lifetime friends.


This closed group uses the book by Susan J. Elliott and the accompanying workbook to discuss and work through the issues, such as anger, guilt, fear, that we all face as we try to heal and grow following a breakup. This group primarily deals with the tasks and challenges of creating and sustaining a new healthy life.  Getting Past Your Breakup by Susan J. Elliot is available at and will be needed for this group. The workbook materials will be provided in the group. It is recommended that you complete First Group before starting this group. This group is covered in two sessions: GPYB 1 and GPYB 2.


This group is for anyone who has lost their partner through death. Topics discussed will include, but not be limited to: grief, loneliness, relationships with family and friends, and rebuilding your life after loss. Group input for topics to be discussed is highly encouraged. You may join this group at any time. 


This group is for those members who have finished Getting Past Your Breakup, to discuss issues in our lives as singles. Each week we will be discussing a different topic to help those who are trying to keep moving forward in their lives. You may join this group at any time.

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